How to Use Coconut Oil in Nose

Suffering from a dry nose? Has dry air, allergies, or a cold taken its toll on your nose? If your nasal passageways have become dry and uncomfortable, relief is on its way with this simple home remedy. Using a dab of coconut oil in your nose, you can instantly soothe and help heal a dry nose.

Rubbing a dab of coconut oil in your nose helps to lubricate and bring moisture back into your nasal passageways. This will help protect and restore the lining of your nose back to its naturally moist state.

How to Put Coconut Oil in Nose:

  1. With clean hands, rub a dab of coconut oil together between the palm of your hands to liquefy it.
  2. Using a small finger, like your pinky, or using a Q-tip/cotton swab, gently rub the dry areas right in and around your nose.
  3. You’ll want to repeat this a few times throughout the day and before bed until the area has healed.

Benefits of Using Coconut Oil for your skin and nose

Cultures throughout the world have been using coconut oil as a home remedy for centuries. Known to be lubricating, moisturizing, antimicrobial, and anti-inflammatory; it is the perfect remedy for soothing dry nasal passageways and inflamed skin. Bonus it may also help guard against harmful bacteria that are lurking around your nose while healing the area.

Coconut oil in your nose is a great way to soothe a dry nose. Coconut oil also has many great uses for hair, skin, and even your teeth!

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