It is no surprise to discover that people make the same decision for very different reasons – the decision to volunteer for clinical research studies is no exception.

Healthy volunteers have said they want to contribute to the advancement of science and participating in clinical research helps them feel involved. Those previously diagnosed with an illness or condition have said that they participate because clinical research offers access to medical staff, treatment and medications they otherwise would not have . . . plus, they want to contribute to the advancement of science as well.

Regardless of why you decide to participate in clinical research, your involvement plays a crucial role in bringing new medications, treatments and therapies to those who need it most – people just like you.

A Few Reasons Others Have Participated in Clinical Research

  • Study participants play a more active role in their own health care.
  • Study participants gain access to healthcare professionals and potentially useful new treatments before they are widely available to the public.
  • Study participants receive medical attention and study supplies at no additional cost and are often reimbursed for their time and travel.
  • Study participants help others with the same medical conditions by contributing to clinical research.

Study volunteers should also consider the following:

  • Clinical research should not be considered as treatment for existing medical conditions.
  • As with all medications and treatments, study participants may experience unpleasant side effects with little or no benefit.
  • Study protocols can require study participants to visit our offices frequently.

More information about participating in clinical research has been provided by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as well as As always, be sure to speak with your physician first to determine if participating in clinical research is best for you.

Have you ever participated in a clinical research study? If so, describe your experience?