Exercise is an important part of a healthy lifestyle, but it can be challenging to fit into a busy schedule. It can also be hard to drag kids away from favorite activities like video games. Why not make family time into a fun exercise session?

Here are some ways to jazz up your family’s exercise routine:

Have a Dance Party

Channel your favorite college party (minus the alcohol) by turning up some fun tunes and grabbing a partner. Use fun props like disco balls and maracas to get the whole family moving and shaking.  Or you can just party like the Huxtable’s . . .

Make a Family Garden

Get your kids involved by letting them choose the plants for your garden. Make a game out of digging holes and turn watering into a fun filled splash party. Throw a party at the end of the growing season to show off the efforts of your hard work.

Go For a Hike

Choose a trail and take off! Plan your hike ahead of time and challenge each other to finish longer and tougher trails. Make sure to stop along the wait to point out interesting plants and wildlife.

Visit Your Local Water Park

Swimming is an excellent work out for kids of all ages. Water parks offer several types of swimming pool as well as other fun ways to exercise in the water. Your kids won’t complain about stair climbing when there’s a slide at the end!


Local animal shelters are always looking for volunteers to help walk the dogs. Teach your kids the importance of serving the community while keeping them moving. Your little ones will look forward to meeting new dogs each week!

Play Their Games

Cardio activities such as running are known as ‘tag’ to active kids. Games like hide and seek, red rover, and dodge ball will get your whole family laughing and moving.  Now that warmer temperatures are here you can hold epic squirt gun battles in your back yard.  Invite neighborhood kids to join you for games like basketball and baseball.

Participate in a Fun Run

Simply traveling from the starting line to the finish line is a thing of the past. Races like the Color Run turn 5Ks into giant games of tag. Throw colored chalk at your family members and other runners until everyone resembles a rainbow.   Or if throwing chalk isn’t your thing, try throwing mud at The Original Mud Run.

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