You’re fading fast. You hear your name being called by the snacks in the Break Room. Even yesterday’s leftover donuts are singing a siren song.  What’s going on? Oh yes, it’s the 2 o’clock energy crash.  It’s the afternoon slump that we all dread – especially those of us who are diabetic.  If we are not careful, we’ll fall right into the sugar trap waiting for us in the Break Room.

First, some quick reminders about metabolism.  When your body goes into an energy slump, your metabolism needs to be recharged.  Eating foods that release energy slowly helps keep your blood sugar level constant.  This will also help keep your blood sugar level from dipping too low. As much as we would love to eat that last Krispy Kreme in the Break Room, doing so can cause our blood sugar to spike.  Then the next thing you know, you’re on a sugar high until you crash again. This causes you to crave even more sugary foods, and the cycle continues.  Great for Krispy Kremes – not so great for you.

Fortunately, here are some healthy energy snacks that not only taste good but will give you the energy boost you need to fight through the afternoon slump and boost your metabolism at the same time.

  •  Fresh fruit: Fruits have vitamin C to help your body fight illnesses. Fruit also has minerals and good carbs. Plus they’re as portable as can be.
  • Peanut butter and celery: Peanut butter is good for you and natural peanut butter’s even better. Spread two tablespoons of it on two washed stalks of celery. Then crunch away.
  • Cottage cheese: Cottage cheese is a healthy energy snack too. Combine a half cup of fat free cottage cheese with a quarter cup of chopped fruit. This will give you the healthy boost you need.
  • Popcorn: The old standby popcorn’s also a healthy energy snack. And because of it’s volume and fiber once popped, you will quickly feel full. The best part about low fat, single-serving microwavable popcorn is that you can eat a whole bag guilt free.
  • Nuts: Nuts, such as almonds or walnuts, have vitamin E, selenium, fiber and healthy omega 3 fats. The trick is to only eat about a one ounce serving at a time.

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