The problem a lot of us have with our waistline isn’t always that we eat bad food, it’s that we don’t realize we are eating bad food. We all know soda, fried foods, and processed snacks are going to hit the waistline hard but do you know how many calories are in your “healthy” nut mix or how much cholesterol is in that cheese on your bagel?

Whether you want to lose weight, lower your cholesterol, or increase specific vitamin intake, it is important to go by the numbers and not your gut feeling.

Fooducate: This excellent free app provides a huge variety of information of hundreds of thousands of food items. Fooducate let’s you scan a barcode or manually input a product and see the food’s nutrition grade, pros and cons to eating the food, nutritional facts, and healthier alternatives.

Fooducate particularly focuses on cutting out trans fats, sugar, additives, preservatives, food coloring, and high fructose corn syrup. You can also customize it to eliminate certain products you need to avoid or to let you know if a product fits with your current diet.

Fooducate - Diet Tracker & Healthy Food Nutrition Scanner


Food Scanner: Like Fooducate, Food Scanner allows you to scan a barcode or manually enter an item and get all of the food’s ingredients and nutritional facts. Food Scanner offers it’s own “Food Score” and also includes nutritional information for restaurants.

Food Scanner- Good Food or Bad Food?


CSPI Chemical Cuisine: Let’s face it, none of us know what acesulfame-k or ascorbyl palmitate is but we constantly eat foods laden with chemical preservatives and additives we don’t understand. This handy app had detailed explanations of what that chemical in the ingredients list is and let’s you know whether it’s really safe.

CSPI Chemical Cuisine


True Food: Nearly 70% of food contains genetically modified ingredients and if you want to stick to organic foods this is the app for you. True Food lets you know how to avoid genetically modified foods, helps you find store brands that don’t have any genetically modified ingredients, and provides two full shopping lists – a red one for foods in every category to avoid and a green one for organic.

True Food


Good Guide: If you want to think beyond just the health aspect of your food, Good Guide helps you identify foods that are also environmentally and socially friendly and sustainable as well healthy. Good Guide features all sorts of items beyond just food as well.


What apps do you use for better health?

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