A vital piece of getting the migraine relief you want and need is identifying the migraine triggers that could be putting you in the path of painful and uncomfortable attacks.

As you may already know, the headbangers can be prompted by anything from environmental factors (such as changes in weather or exposure to perfume) to eating certain foods (from chocolate to artificial sweeteners) to lifestyle occurrences (including crying spells and dehydration). Even hormonal shifts could possibly be to blame.

So many possibilities to keep track of, we hear you. But don’t worry. With the handy-dandy checklist of possible triggers (below), from Migraine.com, you won’t have to. To pinpoint possible migraine triggers, keep this list with you and make note, with each strike, of which items listed could possibly have been triggers. Over time, a pattern of common possible triggers may emerge.


Consider keeping a migraine log or journal (possibly with a free migraine app) and discuss your recordings there with your doctor at your next visit. Once you identify your migraine triggers, you’ll be fast on your way to isolating suitable treatment options.