Dallas-based Jeremy Williams understands what it means to quit smoking. “It’s really freakin’ hard,” says the past on-and-off smoker of 16 years. The married father of two tried to quit half-a-dozen times before finally kicking the habit.

It’s with that been-there, done-that understanding of what it takes to ditch the Marlboros for good he built QuitJuice, a message delivery system that bombards subscribers once daily with a trifecta of bite-size bits of stop-smoking motivation via text message, email, and a phone call, to bolster the efforts of those who want to quit.

“Most of us can’t do this by willpower alone, we don’t operate that way. At the moment cravings strike, you seek instant gratification, you make a decision,” says Williams. “But if you can start to see the bigger pay-off, an end goal, then arm yourself with reasons to quit and be willing to suffer slightly in the moment to reach that pay-off, over time, it adds up to change. You can take control, make a different decision.”

Americans dole out out up to $800 million annually on nicotine replacement therapies (NRTs) such as gums and patches. Unfortunately, many of these, according to researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health, aren’t effective.


But Williams, in his approach, was on to something. Texting has shown merit as a way to help smokers quit. One New Zealand study found that smokers who were hit with daily motivational text messages offering advice on how to zap cigarette cravings were two times as likely to quit than smokers who did not receive the texts. What’s more, those who quit were found to still be smoke-free after six months.

How It Works

For about eight bucks monthly, you can have a dose of stop-smoking-motivation delivered at whatever time of day you choose. Curious? Have sample messages sent to you now, by going to the QuitJuice.com and typing in your digits. Within minutes, discover how it feels to arm yourself with powerful ammunition to quit. While other texting programs exist, such as the government-run SmokeFreeTXT, geared to teens, these typically include only text messaging (without email or phone options). This can become costly if you are charged per text you receive. Regardless of the method you opt for, any step you take on your path to stubbing out  your last-ever cigarette is a step in the right direction and one to be applauded.