Those with high blood pressure who participated in a web-based bp-monitoring program led by a pharmacist were more likely to lower blood pressure than those who were not enrolled in the program, found a new study performed by the American Heart Association in the journal Circulation.

In it, researchers analyzed people who were enrolled in the American Heart Association’s free blood-pressure-lowering program known as Heart360. The program is free and online and works by users uploading blood pressure data from home blood-pressure-monitoring tools and sending it to their doctors. The tool also provides education on managing healthy blood pressure and includes tracking tools that measure progress.arthritis and heart disease ad

When researchers compared a group of 175 adults with hypertension on Heart360 to those who received standard care, they found, after six months, that 54 percent of those on the web-based program reached healthy blood pressure goals whereas 35 percent of the standard-care group reached their goals. Study participants with diabetes or kidney disease in addition to hypertension experienced even more benefits of the web-based blood-pressure-monitoring program.

If you or a loved one is working to bring high blood pressure down to a healthier level, go online and check out the American Heart Association’s free cardiovascular risk monitoring program at Ask your doctor if enrolling in the program may be appropriate for you in terms of helping you reach your get-healthy goals.

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