At least one out of every five Americans suffers from allergies, according to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation.  Before, you could find an app to help you manage wheezing seasonal allergies or food allergies, but not an all-inclusive one-stop app. Today, for the first time a new app just launched by WebMD called WebMD Allergy provides an all-in-one support hub for all sorts of allergies, including skin allergies, drug allergies, food allergies, even insect bites.

It’s also synced with AccuWeather, so the free smartphone app will fill users in on weather conditions and how they relate to seasonal allergy conditions.  The app creators hope the new tool will support users in better managing symptoms, triggers, and treatments. It will be available for the first time today.WebMd App

Also included are tips, videos, slideshows, articles, and quizzes. Users can create multiple profiles (such as for family members) and track all sorts of allergies. This is the first app to combine weather forecasts (from AccuWeather) along with allergy support. It will be the first app to include info on drug, food, and environmental allergies. Push notifications alert users of high allergen levels in their area.

The WebMD Allergy app joins existing apps targeted to address food allergies, including Allergy Guard, Allergy Journal, and Allergy-Free Entertaining as well as apps targeted to address seasonal allergies including Allergy Advisor, Allergy Track, and AroundMe.

Do You see this is a big benefit to have one app support all types of allergies, or are separate apps for each better?