Busted. Mobile medicine is one of our biggest obsessions. Here’s what we love about it: Never before has taking care of yourself been such a sport, so ultimate challenge, Biggest Winner, so, yes, we must utter it—fun!

Thus, we delight in our charge to bring to your attention the latest tech-meets-medicine developments as smartphones blaze a path to the new modern medicine, one where you, (yes, you!) can be master of your own health, self-monitoring with unprecedented precision. Of course, in supplemental installments sandwiched between doctor visits.


The latest gadget to catch our eye, that we couldn’t wait to tell you about, is the Withings Blood Pressure Monitor ($129). Created by Withings, a French start-up, for iOS devices, this ain’t your grandma’s blood pressure cuff.

How It Works

In a snap-simple two-step process, self-measure your blood pressure and pulse. Here we go: Wrap cuff around arm; plug it into arthritis and heart disease adyour device. Press green button on screen and let the magic begin. This sucker automatically inflates, then deflates and records your systolic (top number), diastolic (bottom number), and heart rate. After the measurement, the data (including the reading, date, and time of day) is saved to your iOS device.


You have the option to take and record a single reading or to take three consecutive measurements then calculate and record the average. You can look at morning and afternoon readings separately, which is helpful because blood pressure readings can vary according to time of day. Best yet, your data is safely backed up so your ever-ready history will never vanish. This FDA-approved, battery-operated device comes with a free app that displays results in colorful graphs. You can stealthily track measurements over time and easily spot trends (hence, the board-game feel, will you trend up or will you trend down?).

Show Off

With the touch of a button, send a recap email with your recorded results to your doctor through a secured sharing option. If you are feeling particularly proud of yourself for staying on the healthster track, boast (ahem, we mean post) your measurements to social media channels such as Facebook or Twitter. The ripple of supportive shout-outs ricocheting back is bound to keep you headed in the right direction. Easy-peasy. Healthy lifestyle at your fingertips. And that’s just how we like it.

Could You see yourself using this smartphone blood pressure monitor?