When migraines start robbing precious time from your life, you can wrest back some control by tracking them. Over time, the patterns and triggers you and your doctor identify could lead to isolating more effective treatments. Flashy (and portable) new tools have been emerging for smartphones that aim to give migraineurs an advantage over the condition. Here’s a smattering of recent app releases and updates to consider.

Migraine Meter

What sets this app, that functions as an interactive journal where you can record migraine details, apart is its main page, which unfolds as a scroll of recent migraine-related news, articles and expert-led discussions. It’s an informative, if somewhat stiff, extra bonus for those looking to boost their migraine smarts in addition to journaling about their headaches. Launched in May, 2012, the app was updated in September 2012.

Average Android Rating: 1.9. Find Migraine Meter here for free.

Average Apple Rating: 4+. Find Migraine Meter here for free.

Ubiqi Health Migraine Tracker

Launched in June 2012, this app is exactly what it purports to be, nothing more, nothing less. On first using it, you’ll be asked to enter your age, email, gender, and location. The app tracks migraines by prompting you to record the date and time the headache occurred, the level of severity, the treatment used, and the suspected triggers. While there are different tabs in which you can enter data, including Track Treatments and Track Triggers, and there’s even a Notes section, for time-saving efficiency you can also enter all data in one fell swoop (er, entry). Generate and email a report on your migraines whenever you wish.

Average Android Rating: 3.7. Find Ubiqi Health Migraine Tracker here for free.

Average Apple Rating: 4+. Find Ubiqi Health Migraine Tracker here for free.


Last updated in March 2011, this migraine-tracker app was the brain child of neurologist Brian Loftus, who is a headache specialist and researcher. The tools provided resemble those on other headache-tracking apps, with the added bonus of helping you to identity the type of headache you had based on your input. The reports you create with this app will include data on the triggers, duration, symptoms, level of pain, and medication related to your migraines.

Average Apple Rating: 4+. Find iHeadache here for free.