Keep your ticker strong, not to mention heart attack and stroke at bay, by employing these free (or exceedingly cheap) digital tools offering snazzy new ways to learn about, log, and track cholesterol.

Animated Pocket Dictionary of Cholesterol (Focus Apps)

From Expanded Apps, meet the new professor-in-your-pocket cholesterol-themed picture dictionary. With it, instantly scout up to 85 cholesterol-related medical terms, then view definitions in writing, with illustration and, wait for it, accompanied by 45-second 3D animation videos. If information is power, then you’ll be a titan with this portable heart-protector on your side. But while it can clearly dissect all the complex terminology related to your cholesterol condition, it won’t log, track, or modify behavior. So don’t expect a tsk-tsk when the urge to indulge in butter-rich chocolate cake strikes.

App in a nutshell: Get geeky with it searching all imaginable cholesterol-related medical terms. *Free (Note: Free version includes 15 definitions.)

It’s for you if…You’d like to outsmart, er, at least try to impress, your doc with actual understanding instead of head-nodding.

Tech: iOS 4 or later

 Apple Rating: 4+

Cholesterol Coach

For under a buck, you can nab this motivational tool. It not only explains, in simple terms, what results of your cholesterol blood tests really mean, but also demonstrates how exercise, diet, and smoking affect cholesterol levels. Set goals and track progress over time with punchy graphs. Bonus: Track how much cash you shell out yearly on cigarettes. What better way to amp up your quit-smoking campaign?

App in a nutshell: A digital partner in cholesterol-lowering efforts. *99 Cents

It’s for you if…You want to get a grip on your cholesterol, and a nudge to ditch the Marlboros.

Tech: iOS 3.1 or later

Apple Rating: 4+

Cholesterol Tracker (iCholesterol)

This free app from iHealth Ventures, LLC, provides a painless way to log cholesterol data, including LDL (bad cholesterol), HDL (good cholesterol), and triglycerides. Bonus: There’s a built-in medication reminder. Swiftly enter names of the meds you take, and the times you take them—and poof!—reminders magically pop up on your smartphone. It’s just another way to stay on top of your cholesterol.

App in a nutshell: Log cholesterol data, track it, program take-your-med reminders. *Free

It’s for you if…You’re on cholesterol-lowering drugs and want to seamlessly track your lipid profile.

Tech: iOS 4 or later

Apple Rating: 4+

Now, what stellar cholesterol apps have You tried that we inadvertently left out? Fill us in!