High blood pressure is no joke. Affecting one in three adults in the U.S. (according to the AHA), it ups risk for heart disease, kidney disease, and stroke. Years ago, controlling your bp meant getting into the doctor’s office regularly to have your levels measured and monitored. Now, track your blood pressure, heart rate, and weight, as often as you like, and clue your doctor in with emailed reports. Hint: Many apps offer a free trial. Before deciding on your favorite outright, it’s worth sampling a few. Features tend to be similar; but the visual formats and data entry often differ.arthritis and heart disease ad

Blood Pressure Companion

Developed by Maxwell Software, this tracks blood pressure, heart rate, and weight. Easily enter measurements and dates. Graph results on bar graphs, line graphs, and color-blocked charts, and create doctor’s-visit reminders. View your measurements by day, week, month, or year. Easily export readings in PDF or HTML format.

App in a nutshell: Enter and track bp, heart rate, and weight. *Free

It’s for you if…You’re chart-happy, like dial-entry, and pizzazz, and want to chart bp over time.

Tech: iOS 5 or later

 Apple Rating: 4+

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Blood Pressure Journal

From 3Qubits, use this to log blood-pressure measurements and view results in clean journal format (or in graphs). Easily compute your stats over time and email reports to your doctor. Enter readings using a calculator format, and view your bp over time in line graphs or color-coded pie charts.

App in a nutshell:  Plug in numbers, chart blood pressure by pie chart. *Free (Note: Includes vital features plus additional features from Premium version for 30 days.)

It’s for you if…You want to better manage blood pressure but keep it clear-cut.

Tech: Android 1.6 or later

 Android Rating: 4

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Heart Pal

By Deltaworks, with this, chart, log, and analyze your bp readings. Plot your overall or average bp over time and view stats in bar graphs. Easily generate and send reports in PDF format. Use a dial to set blood pressure and weight readings, with time and day. Also enter medication information, set schedules for taking meds, and program reminders.

App in a nutshell:  Log heart rate, blood pressure, weight, and meds. *Free (Note: This version has all features but allows a max of five entries.)

It’s for you if…You take bp-lowering meds, like the dial-in, and color-coded readings, and want to track bp over time.

Tech: iOS 3 or later

 Apple Rating: 4+

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Are there other bp-managing apps you’ve tried and liked? Do tell!