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Printable: Your Child’s Halloween Food Allergy Reminder

October 17th, 2014|Allergies, Featured|

Halloween doesn't have to be scary for kids who suffer from food allergies. Try our printable reminder to tell others how to keep Halloween safe for your favorite little princess or zombie!

6 Back to School Lunch Ideas for Kids

September 3rd, 2014|Featured, Healthy Lifestyle|

Already tired of packing the same lunches for your kids but don't want to subject them to their school cafeteria? Try these 6 alternatives for a healthy (and yummy!) lunch box.

Safe Skincare for the Summer Months

July 25th, 2014|Skin Care|

Don't let your summer activities cause you to forget about your body's first line of defense against the summer heat: your skin. These tips will keep your skin healthy and happy this summer.

Clinical Research Studies: 6 Reasons Why You Should Sign Up

July 15th, 2014|Clinical Research, Featured|

'What's in it for me?' is a fair question when it comes to clinical research. Here are our 6 reasons why you should give it a second thought.

The Exercise-Type II Diabetes Connection

April 26th, 2014|Diabetes - Type I & II, Diabetes Information, Featured|

If you need ONE more reason to lace up those gym shoes in your fight against diabetes, here it is . . .

Immunotherapy: Eradicate Your Allergies!

April 15th, 2014|Allergies, Featured|

For some allergy sufferers, immunotherapy (or, allergy shots, as they are commonly known) is a great option to make life more comfortable and enjoyable.

3 Grocery Store Tips for High Cholesterol Patients

March 27th, 2014|Cholesterol, Cholesterol Information, Featured|

Simply tossing food into your grocery cart without first reading the label can be bad for your cholesterol. Here are three tips to becoming a cholesterol-fighting, label-reading guru.

Smart Contacts: Blood Glucose Monitoring of the Future

February 24th, 2014|Diabetes - Type I & II, Diabetes Information, Mobile Health|

Could Google's futuristic smart contacts offer a safer and more convenient prognosis for diabetics?

Is it Winter Dry Skin or Something More?

February 21st, 2014|Skin Care|

In the cold winter months, it’s not surprising that many people suffer from dry skin. If lotions and moisturizers don't seem to help, perhaps something else might be to blame.

New Year’s Resolution Check-In for Smokers

February 18th, 2014|Smoking Cessation|

We are checking in with those of you who resolved to quit smoking at the beginning of the year. Have you held strong or have you caved to your craving?

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