‘Tis the season to be gifting, and oh, boy, do we have some fun ideas for you that fit well within the healthy-happy category. Give away these presents, some from our very own wish list, and extend gifts of peace, serenity, tech, and superstar skin. What could be better?


This little surprise is pure serenity in a plug-in box. Use the Muji Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser to waft soothing essential oils of your choice through the air in a calming mist. It’s especially great for areas in your home made for resting and relaxing. The diffuser also gives off a warm glow similar to that of a candle–but since it’s electric, the wick never extinguishes. When you give this as a gift, you’ll also want to supply an essential oil. Might we recommend Sky, a pleasing combination of Zen-garden lavender and rejuvenating peppermint. All it takes are a few drops to get the fragrance party started.

You’ll Spend: $70, diffuser; $13, essential oil.

Find It Here: www.Muji.Us

So Fresh & So Clean

For the goddess in your life, this tool is a sure bet. While it should be in every master face-scrubber’s home kit, it’s often the tool that’s just a tad too pricey to be splurged on, when, well, soap does the job just fine. Often recommended by derms, this device offers a gentle yet effective way to clean skin.

You’ll Spend: $119

Find It Here: www.Clarisonic.com

Stop The Madness

Another way to create an instant chill-out zone is plugging in this puppy, the Marpac white-noise machine. Construction rattling out front? Garbage collectors rumbling below? Block all the nonsense and improve your sleep quality with this sound conditioner issuing sounds of rushing air at an adjustable volume.

You’ll Spend: $60

Find It Here: www.BedBathAndBeyond.com

Smart Scale

For those in your life who must snag the latest tech gizmo, this slick new wi-fi scale from BlipCare is ideal. It’s especially fitting for aging parents living far away because users can track weight and body mass, then share the data via computer, smartphone, or tablet. With this kick-button-start scale you can also set goals, easily view data, and set weigh-in reminders that will beep and blink. Once a user and scale are registered, blasting readings nationwide is a cinch. It takes four AA batteries, which you may want to include with your gift.

You’ll Spend: $89

Find It Here: IndieGoGo.com

What are some healthy-happy holiday gifts You’ve scored?