When you are living with high blood pressure, knowing what you can safely order can be a challenge. Many restaurants do not list sodium amounts, making scanning salt levels as readily as you can on a can of soup impossible. Don’t make menu selection a stress, just stick to what’s known to be a healthy selection. Gazpacho is a safe bet, shows new research.

In a new study that appeared in the journal Nutrition, Metabolism and Cardiovascular Disease, researchers studied the effect of regularly eating gazpacho in nearly 4,000 adults (using data collected in the Predimed study, which looked at the effects of the Mediterranean diet in people with high risk of heart disease) and found that doing so could reduce high blood pressure by as much as 27 percent.

Gazpacho contains as its main ingredients cucumber, garlic, tomato, and olive-oil, all of which have health-promoting properties arthritis and heart disease ad(such as from potent carotenes, vitamin C, and polyphenols). Prior studies had shown an association between consumption of these foods and a reduction in arterial pressure, but this was the first study to show frequent consumption of gazpacho to be as beneficial to heart-health as the ingredients individually, in terms of lowering blood pressure, said main study author Alexander Medina-Remón, from the Faculty of Pharmacy at the University of Barcelona in Spain.

The finding was somewhat unexpected, said researchers, because gazpacho does tend to contain salt. Still, the study found arterial pressure of those who ate gazpacho to be less than for those who did not eat gazpacho. This is possibly because of bioactive elements in the cold tomato soup that counteract any negative effects, such as from sodium, on hypertension. You can also readily make this soup at home as a go-time blood-pressure-sound meal. Just be sure to watch how many pinches of salt you add.

What other foods do You order to keep blood pressure steady?