If you eat less, you’ll weigh less. Right? Not exactly. Weight loss is far more about the food you eat than the amount. You can eat salad to your heart’s content but more than half a candy bar is going to contribute to the waistline. Eating the right foods, keeping your metabolism at work, and eating more dense foods allows you to fill up without filling out.

The amount of food we eat isn’t the problem. It’s a symptom of our hunger. You can’t blame yourself for wanting to scarf down a big meal if you are genuinely hungry. The key is giving your body food that will make you feel full rather than just trying to fill your cravings with anything edible.

Higher density foods like leafy green vegetables, beans and lentils, and high-fiber fruits will all make you feel full and keep the hunger cravings at bay for longer. You can eat these foods as much as you want because they are not filled with calories and carbs and because it’s hard to overeat salad or beans because they are much more filling than high-carb or high-sugar foods. On the other hand, you can eat all the pizza, greasy fast food, and sweets you want and you will feel hungry much sooner. It’s not the amount of food we eat, it’s the type of food we eat.

Eating More Can Actually Help You Lose Weight

The biggest problem most people have with weight is overeating at meals. It is much healthier to eat smaller meals more often rather than overeat at one or two. When you eat smaller meals, your metabolism is constantly working but not overwhelmed by one huge meal. Eating smaller meals more often also makes you feel more full than eating three meals per day and helps you avoid overeating at lunch or dinner because you are hungry from not eating for an extended period of time.

Breakfast Is Vital

Eating breakfast as soon as you can after getting up kickstarts your metabolism immediately. This doesn’t mean you should grab anything though. The best breakfast food is egg whites, which contain a healthy dose of protein and make you feel full longer. On the other hand, a bagel with cream cheese will cause your blood sugar to spike and make you hungry sooner. Other healthy breakfasts include high fiber cereal and oatmeal as well as fruits like pears and apples. These are filled with good fiber that makes you feel full quicker and for a longer period of time.

Snacking Is Also Important

We often associate snacks with packing on pounds but once again, it’s what you snack on, not how much you snack, that really counts. Healthy snacks like nuts and seeds (which are high in protein) and high-fiber fruits allow you to keep hunger at bay without resorting to a candy bar or donut.

When people tell you to eat less, they don’t mean less food. They mean less of the junk that you put in your body that you know you shouldn’t. No one has ever told someone to eat less salad or cut down on their broccoli. They’re right, you should eat less pizza. At the same time, you should eat way more nutritious foods more often.

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