Whether your doctor just announced you have diabetes or you’ve been living with it awhile, there’s one heckuva helping hand (that’s free, we might add) being extended in the new mobile-medicine wave to keep the disease from steamrolling your life. With these smartphone apps, controlling diabetes just got a whole lot easier.

Blood Sugar Tracker

With this app, developed by Healthy Cloud, LLC, seamlessly program your target blood-sugar range, then log, whenever you wish, blood-sugar levels to ensure you’re on course. It’s simple to enter data including date, time, blood-sugar value in mg/dL, plus notes–from a self-cheering “Way to go!,” to a watchful, “Keep an eye out!” Quickly graph and compare blood-sugar recordings logged over the past week or up to one year. Export data anytime, in csv file format or text, to your doctor or loved one. While poring over your colorful graphs, beware: there’s no way to back up data.

App in a nutshell: True to name, exactly what it claims to be.

It’s for you if…You like things simple and direct.

Tech: iOS 3 or later

Average Apple Rating: 4+

Vree for Diabetes

Developed by Merck & Co., this app is a super tracker. To start, enter profile info to personalize your experience. Then start tracking–blood sugar, medications, exercise, food you eat (or want to eat), and more. No splashy charts and graphs visually track trends, but you can request all walks of reminders. Pretty much everything you’re having a ball tracking you can be reminded to record. Nifty nutritional tools calculate calorie and carb intake and let you set caloric intake goals. Emailing progress reports is simple.

App in a nutshell: Record. Set Reminder. Track. Report.

It’s  for you if…You’re keen on data entry.

Tech: iOS 4 or later

Average Apple Rating: 4+

WaveSense Diabetes Manager

Developed by AgaMatrix, Inc., this app lets you track blood sugar, carb intake, and insulin doses up to three months. Customize blood-sugar target ranges, program insulin use, and set mealtime schedules. Email colorful reports (as trend charts or easy-to-skim logbooks) breezily. Nutrition data and good-for-you recipes are included but there’s no food tracker.A video library includes footage of celebs with diabetes.

App in a nutshell: Track data without obsessing about diabetes.

It’s for you if…You want more than straight-up blood-sugar logging, less than a super-tracker.

Tech:iOS 3 or later

Average Apple Rating: 4+