Sufficient Sleep May Boost Weight Loss Efforts

November 1st, 2012|Obesity|

Not getting enough zzz's can thwart your weight-loss efforts. Snooze more to lose.

Football Fans: Cut Calories With 7 Tailgate-Favorite Swaps

October 22nd, 2012|Healthy Lifestyle, Obesity|

Wings (and cold brews) are still on the menu at this healthy tailgate party. Touchdown!

Shoppers Who Read Food Labels Are Thinner

September 25th, 2012|Obesity|

One study found label-readers to be nine pounds lighter, on average, than those who don't scan nutritional information on foods they buy.

Zip Code Can Affect Weight

September 20th, 2012|Healthy Lifestyle, Obesity|

Location, location, location. It’s not just a mantra sung by real estate moguls. Where you live can affect your weight.

Heavy Diabetics Live Longer Than Thin Diabetics

August 28th, 2012|Diabetes - Type I & II, Diabetes Information, Healthy Lifestyle, Obesity|

This may at first sound surprising. But have you heard of the obesity paradox?

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