Migraines: 4 Home Remedies to Get You Through

January 23rd, 2014|Featured, Migraines|

Try these home remedies to "duck and cover" when your migraine attacks!

The Ins and Outs of Menstrual Migraines

November 29th, 2013|Featured, Migraines|

No woman enjoys the menstrual cycle, but for some women, this time of shifting hormones can bring on especially painful menstrual migraines.

Migraine with Aura Linked to Increased Risk of Stroke

November 22nd, 2013|Featured, Migraines|

Recent scientific research is exploring the links between migraine headaches with aura and another serious disease: stroke.

4 Misconceptions Non-Migrainers Have About Migraines

November 19th, 2013|Featured, Migraines|

It's bad enough to suffer through migraine headaches, it's even worse when others don't understand what we're going through.

3 Ways to Ride Out a Migraine Attack

November 13th, 2013|Featured, Migraines|

Do you have a plan for fighting off a migraine attack? Try these three methods to head-off the headbangers . . .

Migraine Headaches: New Genetic Links and Possible Treatments

August 14th, 2013|Featured, Migraines|

Each new discovery brings with it new potential treatments for over 37 million Americans suffering from migraines.

4 Natural Remedies for Migraine Relief

July 12th, 2013|Migraines|

Anyone who has experienced a migraine can understand why they’re so feared - it’s almost impossible to focus on anything but the pain. While the market offers variety of promising treatments to banish our headbangers, many of us continue to look for relief in any form we can find it.  Here are four of our [...]

The Amazing Migraine Melting Smoothie

July 8th, 2013|Migraines|

Try this nutrient-rich, migraine-defensive smoothie to head off those horrible headbangers.

4 Ways To Stop Migraines Before They Start

July 1st, 2013|Migraines|

While we may not have the end-all cure for migraines, there are ways we can lessen their frequency and intensity.

Common and Uncommon Triggers for Migraines

May 31st, 2013|Migraines|

According to the latest statistics, more than 37 million people in the U.S. alone suffer from migraines...

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