3 Tips to Keep Blood Pressure Levels In Check During the Holidays

December 20th, 2013|Hypertension, Hypertension Information|

If you have hypertension, the holidays are no excuse to take a break from your healthy habits. Try our 3 blood pressure tips that could save serious damage to your heart and blood vessels.

DASH Diet: Not Just Another Fad Diet To Lower Hypertension

September 17th, 2013|Featured, Hypertension, Hypertension Diets, Hypertension Information|

Don’t just pass off the DASH eating plan as another diet craze – especially if you have high blood pressure.

Biofeedback: An Alternative Treatment for Hypertension?

September 13th, 2013|Featured, Hypertension, Hypertension Information, Hypertension Treatment|

While the "medical jury" may still be out on its effectiveness, biofeedback suggests that controlling hypertension may be "mind over matter."

The Whole-Body Effect of High Blood Pressure

August 2nd, 2013|Featured, Hypertension, Hypertension Information, Hypertension Treatment|

Yes, high blood pressure causes serious damage to your arteries and heart. But do you know the effect it can have on the rest of your body?

Can My Hypertension Really Be Controlled?

August 1st, 2013|Featured, Hypertension, Hypertension Information, Hypertension Treatment|

The answer may be more complicated than a simple yes or no. But controlling these three factors will help . . .

Do I Have High Blood Pressure?

July 15th, 2013|Hypertension, Hypertension Information|

Not knowing the symptoms could lead to serious consequences...

Hypertension – The Silent Killer

June 12th, 2013|Hypertension, Hypertension Information|

Known as the silent killer because, as deadly as it is, it is rare for a person to have any symptoms of hypertension...

The Truth About High Blood Pressure And Menopause

June 7th, 2013|Diabetes Information, Hypertension|

Menopause, otherwise known as the “change of life”, involves many physical, mental, and emotional changes...

Can Relaxation Drinks Lower Your Anxiety, Heart Rate or Blood Pressure?

May 8th, 2013|Hypertension, Hypertension Diets, Hypertension Treatment|

We are a society so stressed out that we need relaxation drinks just to chill out...

Air Pollution May Be Tied To Heart Attack, Stroke

April 30th, 2013|Hypertension, Hypertension Information|

The quality of the air you breathe could be impacting your heart health.

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