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6 Back to School Lunch Ideas for Kids

September 3rd, 2014|Featured, Healthy Lifestyle|

Already tired of packing the same lunches for your kids but don't want to subject them to their school cafeteria? Try these 6 alternatives for a healthy (and yummy!) lunch box.

Reduce Arthritis Pain and Stiffness: Winterize Your Body

January 27th, 2014|Featured, Healthy Lifestyle|

Taking your mechanic's advice may be the best way to reduce your arthritis pain and stiffness during these winter months.

5 Ways to Curb Overeating at Holiday Parties

November 21st, 2013|Healthy Lifestyle, Obesity|

Use these five eating tips to sensibly enjoy the food that comes with "the most wonderful time of the year!"

Gut-Healthy Recipe: Warm Cleansing Cabbage Salad

October 21st, 2013|Featured, Gastroenterology, Healthy Lifestyle|

Try this salad recipe to keep your stomach happy and improve your digestive health.

Recipe: Triglyceride-Fighting Flax Seed Salmon

October 4th, 2013|Featured, Healthy Lifestyle|

Try lowering your triglycerides with this recipe for Flax Seed Salmon.

5 Best Flu-Fighting Foods

October 1st, 2013|Featured, Healthy Lifestyle|

Try our list of the top 5 foods to load up on if you start noticing signs of the flu.

5 Home Remedies To Fight Your Cold or Flu

September 25th, 2013|Featured, Healthy Lifestyle|

Use these 5 home remedies to fight off those annoying cold or dreaded flu symptoms.

5 Healthy Reasons To Take Omega-3

August 27th, 2013|Featured, Healthy Lifestyle|

As much as we hear about omega-3, many of us are still unclear on what exactly omega-3 is and why we should take it.

Debunking the Calorie In-Calorie Out Myth

July 29th, 2013|Featured, Healthy Lifestyle|

You don’t have to be a nutritionist to understand that not all calories are created equal.

3 Tips for Kids Playing Sports with Asthma

July 22nd, 2013|Featured, Healthy Lifestyle|

Use these tips to keep your child athlete from being sidelined by asthma...

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