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Clinical Research Studies: 6 Reasons Why You Should Sign Up

July 15th, 2014|Clinical Research, Featured|

'What's in it for me?' is a fair question when it comes to clinical research. Here are our 6 reasons why you should give it a second thought.

Biofeedback: An Alternative Treatment for Hypertension?

September 13th, 2013|Featured, Hypertension, Hypertension Information, Hypertension Treatment|

While the "medical jury" may still be out on its effectiveness, biofeedback suggests that controlling hypertension may be "mind over matter."

4 Ways To Stop Migraines Before They Start

July 1st, 2013|Migraines|

While we may not have the end-all cure for migraines, there are ways we can lessen their frequency and intensity.

Coffee Shown To Reduce Breast Cancer

June 28th, 2013|Healthy Lifestyle|

It seems strange to think, that drinking coffee can reduce the risk of breast cancer. Believe it or not, it appears to be true . . .

Are E Cigarettes Safe?

June 26th, 2013|Smoking Cessation|

Although e-cigarettes appear to be a safer choice for people who enjoy smoking, there remains some controversy.

Got Gout? Try Cherries

June 25th, 2013|Gout|

Research shows that relief from the pain and swelling of gout could come from this unlikely food group.

Magnesium: The Missing Mineral

June 21st, 2013|Healthy Lifestyle|

Americans have a big problem. Even worse, most individuals don’t even know this problem exists...

What Is Hypertension?

August 19th, 2012|Hypertension, Hypertension Information|

The word hypertension means high blood pressure, a condition that typically develops over several...

How Can I Lower My Cholesterol?

August 10th, 2012|Cholesterol, Cholesterol Information, Cholesterol Treatment|

Chin up. Unhealthy cholesterol levels are not written in stone...

How Is Diabetes Diagnosed?

August 10th, 2012|Diabetes - Type I & II, Diabetes Information|

Though not always, diabetes can occur with no symptoms. A blood test is used to identify whether or not you have disease. A urine test may be...

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