As much as we hate to admit it, we don’t know our physical health as well as we think we do. The boom in fitness and health tracking technology is in part because of the usefulness of tracking your activity and habits but also because of how jarring it can be to look at your first week’s report and get an unbiased visualization of your activity, sleep, and other metrics.

The problem is, there are a million fitness and health tracking apps for every different metric that pile up on your app screen and become overwhelming. Azumio is a biofeedback tracking app development company that has produced top-selling apps like Fitness Trainer, Cardio Buddy, Sleep Time, and Stress Check. Realizing that using all of these apps is useful but too time consuming and tedious, Azumio has rolled out Argus, an app that takes all of their existing apps and combines them into one all-in-one super app.

Argus, a free app available on the iPhone and iPad, doesn’t just track your steps and daily activities, it tracks everything you do. The app monitors your food intake, workouts, sleep, hydration, weight, and vitals to help you better understand how your body works and improve your health.

The app uses GPS to track all of your movement and activity and has a built-in run detector that automatically recognizes that you are exercising and turns the run tracker on automatically. It allows you to easily create a food diary of your nutritional intake by simply jotting down a note or taking a photo. The app includes Sleep Time which monitors your sleep cycles and Instant Heart Rate to monitor your vitals.

You can also go further and track specific activities and better tailor the app to your lifestyle. You can track yoga sessions, coffee intake, swimming, and special dietary needs. You can also set goals and share your fitness progress with your Facebook friends.

Argus is also compatible with New Balance Life TRNr and Life Trak arm bands as well as the Withings Scale and provides an even more comprehensive overview of everything you do and everything you want to improve.


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