In the past, the only way to track your health would be to constantly write down your daily weight, blood pressure, and anything you can measure with your basic pharmacy bought device. Today’s technology allows you to track your health in ways high-end clinical studies weren’t able to just a few years ago.

We all have specific areas of our health we want to improve but without visual data any effort can prove futile. Visualizing your health by the numbers allows you to get an unbiased look at your progress or lack thereof. Whether you want to lose weight, exercise more, lower your blood pressure, lower your cholesterol, cut down on stress, or anything else – there’s an app for that.

DailyBurn: DailyBurn is half nutritional tracking and half fitness tracking. First, you let the app know what you’re eating and let it count up the calories and nutritional value of what you ate. Then it correlates that info into your personalized fitness program that is designed to help you burn the calories right off. The app allows you to track your food and calorie intake, your weight, and your fitness challenges.



Cardiio: Cardiio is a cool little app that allows you to measure your heart rate right through the touchscreen. The app measures the pulse in your thumb and records it into hand charts and graphs.



Glucose Buddy: Glucose Buddy is a must-have for people with diabetes. The app allows you to log your glucose levels, food intake, medications, activity, blood pressure, and weight and turns it into graphs you can understand and track.



Sleep101: Sleep101 doesn’t just track your sleep. It can measure how much you move in bed, how often your sleep is disrupted, how quickly you fall asleep, and how “efficiently” you sleep. It’s like a nightly sleep study right in your bedroom. The app may not work properly if you sleep with someone or have pets though.



MoodPanda: This nifty app allows you to track your mood and turns it into graphs that show when you feel happy, sad, stressed, or anything else. It helps you identify and remember why you felt those ways and helps reinforce positive behaviors.



Lift/Daytum: If there is anything else you want to track, both Lift and Daytum allow you to track any goal and turn it into visual charts. Daytum is also part social network so you can share progress with friends or likeminded people.