The Consumer Electronics Show, which took place earlier this month, showcased an array of some-flashy, some-quirky health-and-fitness tools (AKA medgadgets) set to appease our tracking-and-monitoring obsessions with new renditions of wearable devices monitoring everything from body weight to sleep patterns to nutrition and brain waves. Beyond those competing tracking devices flooding the market, there were a few pleasantly original mobile-med surprises. Here, our top health-and-fitness picks from among the medgadgets presented.

AiQ BioMan TankAiQ BioMan Tank

So long, clunky heart monitors that strap around arms and chests. This pleasingly sly athletic tank top has a heart monitor built into it. The machine-washable apparel is comprised of wearable stainless-steel-yarn electrodes. While you pound through your workout, this fabric tracks your vital signs and shoots the data to your computer or smartphone. Yes, our thoughts exactly—how cool is that?


O_Synce ScreenEye X Sports VisorO_Synce ScreenEye X Sports Visor

Blast into the future with this slick, battery-operated visor that measures—and displays on its rim, within your field of vision—your running-workout data, including distance completed, pace, and, syncing with a strap around your chest, your heart rate. Just be sure to keep at least one eye on the road.


RP-VITA Remote Presence RobotRP-VITA Remote Presence Robot

Having just received FDA approval, this robot has an iPad interface that can link to hospital machinery to transmit data and record remote patient-doctor interactions. Meet Dr. George Jetson.


TelCare BGM Wireless Glucose Meter TelCare BGM Wireless Glucose Meter

Those living with diabetes can now sync real-time blood-glucose measurements with additional bio parameters, including blood pressure and weight, with this cellular-enabled medgadget glucometer.


PerformTek iriver ONPerformTek iriver ON

Yet another way to play super-secret bio-nerd, tracking your body’s every move, is with this ear-embedded biometric sensing technology. ON is a Bluetooth headset integrated with biometric sensors that measures your heart rate, distance, and speed, all while cozily plugged into your ears. Like earbuds, only smarter…and way cooler.



The team behind Hapifork won a CNET best-in-show award as well as a CES Innovations, Designs, and Engineering accolade. This smart eating utensil tracks eating rates; and, should you start wolfing down too quickly, it will buzz at you. It also monitors how long your meals last, how many times the fork enters your mouth, and the length of each serving on the fork. Meal data can be uploaded online. And it just wouldn’t be complete without an app, now would it? Swift indeed, but we’re catching a case of t.m.i.

Which of these Medgadgets sound most innovative to You?