Wrinkles are an unwelcome visitor on anyone’s body. Keep them from making a home on your skin with these dermatologist-recommended pointers. You’ll find yourself with smooth, soft skin no matter how many candles you’re adding to the birthday cake each year!

1. Say No to Sun
Yes, this might feel like a no-brainer. But studies show that UV light causes 90% of premature aging. The next time you’re at the beach, lather up with sunscreen – and make sure it’s a minimum of SPF 15. You can also make skin protection a part of your daily regimen by opting for moisturizers that already have sunscreen built in. Environmental Working Group has a helpful list of the best SPF-loaded moisturizers… stock up!

2. Catch some ZZZ’s
Simple yet true. A restful sleep can do wonders for your overall health – and nothing reaps the benefits more than your skin. Moreover, a proper sleep (aim for a minimum of 7 hours each night) makes your body create human-growth hormone, which keeps your skin supple and elastic. Matthew Hoffman, MD suggests that sleeping on your back can prevent your face from getting into a “wrinkle pattern” from the pillow.

3. Eat Skin-Healthy
Adhere to a healthy diet to ensure that your skin is getting the nutrients that it needs. Don’t worry – this isn’t rocket science. Think lots of Vitamin C, which helps your body produce collagen. If you’re a fan of citrus, your skin will be a very happy camper. University of Maryland Medical Center also suggests that olive oil, fruits, veggies, and whole grains can work some serious magic on your skin to prevent wrinkles.

4. Stay Away from Cigarettes
Research shows that facial wrinkling can be detected in smokers as young as 20. The action of smoking stresses yous skin, pulling it into a puckered position. Also, keeping cigarettes at arm’s length is good for your overall health – a New York Times study recently revealed that the risk of a smoker for squamous cancer cells is a whopping 50% more than that of a non-smoker.

5. Hydrate Your Skin
This is a great preventative tip – but it also helps your skin look smoother and firmer in the “now.” Look for moisturizers that have retinol, which breaks down the oxygen molecules that cause wrinkles. Hydroxy acids act as exfoliants and break down dead skin to promote the growth of supple new skin. LiveStrong has a helpful list of the best wrinkle prevention moisturizers!

Do you have any tips of your own to prevent wrinkles?

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