While many of us are welcoming the cooler temperatures and Fall activities, we all know that this time of year also brings with it the annoying cold and dreaded flu.

Cold and Flu might not be considered as a serious ailment by many people, but when you are down with flu or cold, it leaves you feeling downright drained and exhausted. The incessant sneezing, coughing, runny nose, headache and fever are enough to leave a toll on the entire body. Most of the time going to the doctor when you are down with a cold or flu seems like a waste of time, as it is a well known fact that they run their course before you feel better.

So how can you make that time more comfortable for yourself? There are numerous home remedies for cold and flu which can help sooth your symptoms even while you’re taking medication.

1.     Stay Hydrated

You should always be drinking lots of fluids to stay hydrated, but even more so if you are suffering from the flu or cold.  Because the nausea that accompanies the cold or flu usually makes you want to avoid water, you can try drinking orange juice, ginger ale or herbal tea – each of which may also sooth away the itchiness and irritation in your throat.

2.     Inhale Some Steam

To soothe chest congestion, inhaling steam is highly beneficial and acts quickly to provide relief. Stand over a bowl of boiling hot water, with your head covered by a towel or cloth and breathe deeply.  You can repeat this activity as many times as you like as the inhaled steam can really help sooth away the nasal and chest congestion. Another way to take in some steam is to take a long steaming shower. The steam that builds up in the bathroom is also very helpful in relieving blocked noses and chest congestion as the steam helps to relieve blocked nasal and chest passageways.

Finally, investing in a humidifier (usually $100 or less) will keep the air in your home moist while preventing the cold or flu from spreading to other family members.

3.     Drink Chicken Broth

This is not an old wives tale for sure. Cold and flu lower the body’s immunity to fight back. The protein content in soup can help you gain your strength back and assist the body in fighting back against germs and bacteria.

4.     Load Up On Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a surefire remedy for flu and cold. Vitamin C can be taken in a high dose as soon as you start noticing the first symptoms of a cold or flu. It helps build the immune system’s strength and aids in fighting the disease. If you already have the flu or cold, then you can drink lukewarm orange juice as it contains Vitamin C that will help boost your immunity level.

5.     Drink Honey Water

Honey mixed in lukewarm water is very soothing during a cold. It sooths the irritation in your throat while giving your body some strength as well. Honey is used in many flu medicines as well as it helps loosen congestion.

Follow these simple home remedies the next time you have a cold or flu to feel better faster and without the help of any strong medication!

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