Many people who are attempting to quit smoking fall into the hype of advertisements and reviews for products that promise to help them quit smoking. They are unaware that these products are causing them more harm than good. Not only will you be uncomfortable while you are quitting smoking, you will also be uncomfortable when quitting your quitting smoking product. This is because many smoking cessation products contain nicotine without the other chemicals that are contained in cigarettes. Using a product that contains nicotine forces you to go through withdrawals twice, which is a common reason for people who fail to quit. Here are 5 commonly overlooked methods of quitting smoking.

1.      Puff on a Straw

A restaurant straw, or even a straw you can purchase at your local discount store, can be a convenient and effective smoking cessation tool. Since the straw is about the size of a cigarette, taking a few deep breaths through it can actually curb the craving for smoking. This tricks your mind into believing that you did take a couple of puffs off of a cigarette. Even though your cravings will not completely go away, it will make them easier to fight off.

2.      Walk to Water

When you get the urge for a cigarette, take 10 deep breaths. After taking 10 deep breaths, walk to the sink slowly and get a glass of water. Drink the entire glass slowly. The action of breathing through your nose will help calm you. While the water helps take your mind off of the need for nicotine.

3.      Exercise

Many people resolve to quit smoking and get into shape. Your exercise goals can become your ticket to nicotine freedom. When a nicotine craving strikes, do a few exercises. Start with small repetitions and increase them if cravings get worse. For example, when you get a craving do three sit-ups. The next time you get a craving, do some pushups, run in place, or lift a weight.

4.      Go for a Walk

On a cool, crisp night, walking can be a great substitute for a cigarette. The air hitting the back of your throat can mimic the feeling you get when you inhale a puff of smoke.  This method also works on cold winter days. Even if you just walk from your door to the mailbox, chances are that your craving will fade before you get back inside.

5.      Meditate

Mediating is a great way to keep your mind off of nicotine cravings. Taking deep breaths and maintaining a calm presence can dramatically reduce your stress and decrease the number and frequency of cravings you have.

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