It’s that time of year. Nagging cold and flu, along with plummeting temps, have us craving a warm cuppa chicken noodle. But as members of the packaged/processed foods clan, canned soups have largely been labeled unhealthy choices. Here’s the thing: Not all soups are bad. But sodium amounts can skyrocket, and, as you know, excessive salt can lead to heart disease and hypertension. In general, avoid soups exceeding 400 mg of sodium per serving, and, when comparing brands, eyeball total number of servings per container. Remember, don’t let a food’s packaging tell you it’s healthy. You decide.

1. Tabatchnick Low Sodium Minestrone Soup

Time to start thinking out-of–the-can when shopping soups. That’s because the Environmental Working Group found canned soups to contain among the highest amounts of BPA residues from can liners, and that the chemical can leach from liners to food. Sure, you can rinse canned beans or veggies before cooking–but there’s no rinsing soups. This hearty-healthy frozen soup comes in BPA-free packaging and contains just 110 calories and 85mg of sodium per one-pouch serving (two pouches per package) along with 5g of protein and 4g of fiber. You’ll also meet nearly half your daily vitamin-A needs with one serving. Boost your immunity by tossing in vitamin-C-rich yellow bell peppers (10 sliced strips add 95mg of the big C).

2. Amy’s Organic Light In Sodium Organic Butternut Squash

Hey, we said no compromising taste, right? Ladle up this creamy delight and you’ll see we meant it. When eating healthy, you want to skip cream-based soups (think cream of mushroom, broccoli, etc.) that are laden with high-cholesterol and -fat cream, milk, arthritis and heart disease adand butter. Here you’ll get creamy-soup richness, packaged in BPA-free cans, without cream, milk, butter, or, for that matter, preservatives. Beware that there is a little added sugar (it’s hard to have it all) but this soup contains a pleasingly low 290mg of sodium per serving (two servings per can). Enhance nutrition by adding a sliced creamy, healthy-fat avocado (4g fiber, 13g of protein).

3. Trader Joe’s Low Sodium Organic Creamy Tomato

Also BPA-free, this delicious comfort potion comes in a tetra box containing four servings, each with a meager 140mg of sodium and just 90 calories. Mmmm, mmm good-for-you. Note that this soup does contain organic cream (milk) but still only 3.5g in total fats. It also contains slightly more sugars than fiber and protein, but you can easily remedy this nutritional imbalance by adding a cup of green peas (9g of fiber, 9g protein).

What low-sodium hearty-healthy soups have You spotted?