For some of us, having oily skin has become an embarrassing and bad first impression for our most seen feature – our skin! Our skin should be everything but oily, otherwise we encounter those weird looks, and worse, bad skin waiting to pop up! Protecting our skin from the damage and debris that Mother Nature throws at us is just another aspect of living healthy lives. To that end, here are some simple and natural ways to battle oily skin to exude a pure and fresh glow while eliminating shine.

1.     Cleanse, Day and Night

 Make sure to cleanse your skin every single morning when you wake up and at night before you sleep. When a person sleeps their body sheds microscopic pieces of skin. So it’s best to wash your face after a long day and before you enter your wonderful, glorious bed. Also, before you wake up try to use an exfoliate to wash off any dead skin cells that remain dormant on your face. Use a soap that is organic with natural healing properties. Soap that states oil-free on the label is always a good choice as well.

2.     Steam! Hotter! Hotter!

An old trick in the book is to boil hot water in a pot, you can then set it aside on a safe counter, keep it from tipping over, don’t touch the pot, and put a towel and your head over the steaming water to reap good benefits that steaming hot water has to offer. This actually helps unclog the pores on your face. Your pores are able to breathe after this tip has been employed. This step will lessen the dirt and oil build up on your skin. Again this is a natural yet completely free way to improve the oil problem you are having. Pat dry and wash your face afterward. But be sure to not over wash your face throughout the day, as some natural oils are necessary.

3.     Eat Right and Fight the Never Ending Oil 

What some people don’t realize is that their diet has a huge role when it comes to oil production. Granted some people are blessed and have more oily skin than others but try to stay away from greasy foods at all costs. If a person really wants to avoid oily skin, well that person needs to integrate more fruits, vegetables, lean meats, and water into their diet. Eating right and not over eating plays a big role within regulating the human body. The human body needs nutrients and vitamins in order to function properly and at an optimum level. Keeping away from greasy and fried foods is another natural way in order to deal with oily skin.

Oil Will Come to a Cease!

Get rid of dirty oily looking skin from the inside out. Start with washing, steaming, and simply just eating and drinking healthily. Never ever forget the most important necessity to life – water. Drink lots and lots of water and keep that fresh looking face, not an oily dirty face. Follow these natural and organic simple steps and you shall be lead to a problem that is coming to a cease.

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